What is the Difference Between Cleaning and Sanitizing Air Ducts?

Regular cleaning of air ducts is an essential part of maintaining a healthy home. However, in certain circumstances, it is recommended to go a step further and disinfect air ducts. Most experts suggest cleaning and disinfecting air ducts every two to three years, but it can be done as often as every six months. Disinfection involves the application of antimicrobial products to the surface of the air ducts, usually during cleaning.

This process eliminates harmful bacteria and microbes present in the ducts, preventing them from spreading through the air. The traditional cleaning method uses heavy-duty vacuums, pressure hoses, and cleaning tools. Disinfection is done in the same way, with the addition of a special microbial treatment that eliminates harmful bacteria and mold from the air ducts. This also keeps the air ducts disinfected and maintains a pleasant smell for longer.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) states that the best method for cleaning and decontaminating air ducts is to use the source extraction cleaning method. This eliminates contaminants that can contribute to the formation of mold and other microorganisms. Most air duct disinfection services use a topical application and usually use a nebulizer or other professional tools to evenly cover the duct surface. Professionals use several products to disinfect air ducts, which vary in quality, price and effectiveness.

A professional technician will disinfect the air ducts during the scheduled cleaning of the air ducts and ensure that appropriate precautions are taken when applying the duct disinfectant spray. Many air duct cleaning companies prefer antimicrobial disinfectants, which offer equally safe and effective applications at a lower price per gallon. Only qualified and certified air duct technicians are able to disinfect their ducts safely and effectively. This includes using protective cloths to prevent dirt from falling into your house and using shoe covers to keep floors clean.

Planet Duct offers extraordinary air duct cleaning services, using the best equipment in the industry. This is usually done with a powerful vacuum that sucks up all the dirt and grime, leaving the air ducts clean and clear. The cost of professional-grade air duct sanitizers varies considerably depending on the type of product, ingredients, and (in the case of UV disinfectants) whether installation is necessary. This can include many allergens that can bother allergy sufferers, especially because some air ducts can be full of dirt, blockages, mold, and bacteria that need to be removed.

Disinfection also works for that, providing an effective way to eliminate bacteria that may be present in the system. As an expert in air quality control, I highly recommend regular cleaning and sanitizing of your home's air ducts. Cleaning removes dirt and debris from your system while sanitizing eliminates harmful bacteria and microbes that can cause health problems. Professional-grade products are available for both processes, ensuring your home's air remains safe and healthy for you and your family.

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