What Equipment is Used in Housekeeping?

Cleaning goods are broadly classified as either equipment or supplies. Items classified as supplies are consumables, while equipment is reusable. Floor machines, brooms, mops, stools, vacuum machines, and other such items are classified as equipment, while dusters, detergents, and germicides are classified as supplies. Manual cleaning equipment depends on the effort and energy of the employees.

The cleaning staff applies maximum effort and techniques with the help of some equipment. Abrasives are made from granulated papers that can be used to clean wood or metal surfaces. Hard floor brush, soft floor brush, scrub brush, toilet brush, chimney pipe, feather brush, broom, hand brush, and other such items are different types of brushes used to eradicate surface or ingrained dirt depending on the nature. Electrical or battery-powered equipment is needed to operate this type of equipment.

These mechanical machines will ease labor and speed up cleaning time efficiently. A vacuum is a commonly used cleaning machine that is suitable for any type of floor or upholstery surface and is easy to operate. A polishing machine works to recover the lost shine of its floor. This is a very versatile cleaning machine to have on hand.

At Duplex, we sell floor scrubbers that can clean ALL types of floors in a single pass. You can wash, scrub and dry tiles, carpets, hard floors, safety mats, industrial floors and more. It's ideal to have a steam engine on your list of steam cleaning equipment for home cleaning. It will provide you with a thorough deep cleaning, including visual cleaning and disinfected cleaning. The machine must produce steam heated to +165 degrees Celsius.

Steam at this high temperature is ideal for eliminating bacteria from bathrooms, removing accumulated fat in kitchens and killing bedbugs. At Duplex, we offer on-site training and knowledge to the cleaners who use our machines, as well as tools and resources for “upgrade training” if needed, so there's no need to worry about technical capabilities. Although spray bottles are very cheap, you can recycle your old glass or plastic bottles by using them to make your own spray bottles for your home cleaning activities. All you need is an aerosol cap or cap that fits every bottle perfectly. Once you're able to do that, you can have different spray bottles that will help you clean various parts of your home. They can help you store different cleaning agents and, at the same time, save you the stress of refilling them if you only had one spray bottle.

All homeowners should have brushes in their homes for different cleaning activities. You need to have brushes to clean the toilet, tiles, bathtubs, accessories, and other parts of the house that a cloth or sponge can't clean properly. In addition, you can have a set of small brushes to clean the not so easy to reach parts of your home. Your old toothbrush will do a good job of helping you achieve this by cleaning the grout, the edges of the sink, the faucets, and other small, dirty places. So don't rush to throw away your old toothbrushes; they are great cleaning items you should have at home. By wearing gloves you can continue with your cleaning activities without worrying about dirt that could stain your hands throughout the cleaning process.

There are different brands of multipurpose cleaners available on the market; they are very functional and can help you clean multiple surfaces especially when you have to clean from room to room. Every home should have a broom and dustpan to regularly clean the floor from dirt, sand and any other dirt particles. You can get the broom and dustpan with long handles to easily reach different corners of your house and save yourself the stress of bending down while cleaning. After sweeping the floor you must scrub it to ensure an optimal cleaning result especially if you have a tiled floor; therefore mop and bucket are another set of essential household cleaning items for every homeowner. Often a special type of cleaner is needed for some furniture in your home; some of this furniture is made of wood and leather. An all-purpose cleaner may not clean your wooden furniture effectively; that's why you need a wood cleaner to help you do a good and satisfying job. You can use these buckets to wash your towels and other equipment after use and mix cleaning agents or chemicals before pouring them into spray bottles. The identification classification and operation of various cleaning equipment for efficient cleaning and maintenance depends on high-quality properly used cleaning equipment; although only 5-10% of the total cost incurred in cleaning equipment and cleaning agent are accounted for selecting the ideal equipment plays an important role in the cleaning process. Equipment used in cleaning is broadly divided into two categories manual and mechanical cleaning equipment; manual cleaning equipment can include all types of equipment that cleans or assists in the cleaning process using directly the maneuver operation and energy of the employee. Some common examples of manual cleaning equipment are discussed below: Brushes: can be designed to remove dry damp or embedded dust and dirt from hard or soft surfaces; three main types of brushes are used on the cleaning surface they are hard brushes soft brushes and scrub brushes. Hard brushes have fairly stiff bristles and are well distributed; they are best suited for removing heavy dirt and garbage from carpets and for cleaning rough surfaces; soft brushes can have fairly flexible bristles and be close together they are used to remove loose soil and garbage on hard smooth surfaces; scrub brushes have short thick bristles designed for use on stained heavily dirt-embedded surfaces these brushes should only be used to remove small persistent heavily soiled areas that scrub machines have difficult access too. Cleaning equipment such as brushes is also classified according to their functions; brush care and cleaning: Brushes should generally be tapped on after use.

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